Online Craps Loyalty Programs

To us it’s pretty funny; everyone loves online craps tables. Educated players love them because it’s so easy to win thousands of dollars in mere minutes. The casinos love them because inexperienced players can literally lose thousands in about the same period of time. Affiliates and investors love craps because statistically it has been shown as one of the biggest moneymakers in the industry. We love online craps, on the other hand, because it is truly the easiest way to max out a VIP loyalty program in order to pull in lifelong perks and rewards. Of course, that’s not the only reason that our staff loves playing online craps for high stakes, but in the end it seems like most things end up being about money in one way or another.

Where To Play Craps and Earn Rewards Online

* Casino Titan

* Win Palace

* Rushmore Online Here are three things that you probably didn’t know about the best craps loyalty systems-

1) Sucker Bets are Sometimes Great Options If your only goal inside an online casino is to win money, then it is definitely in your best interests to skip this section completely. If you’re more worried about loyalty points, however, then it is probably worth taking a second look at what many refer to as the “sucker bets” or craps. We’re talking about the one shots, the hard rolls, playing the field, and all the other bets that the house carries significant odds on…these types of wagers are sometimes a great way to reach elite status quickly.

For example, Casino Titan is one of the few online gaming destinations that does not put a cap on wagers at their VIP craps tables. Your odds bets are still limited to what you place on the pass (or don’t pass) line, however, so even when you’re on a big winning streak the amounts that you can wager are still somewhat limited. By occasionally placing bets on sucker bets, it allows the player to risk additional winnings for the sake of picking up additional loyalty points.

2) Craps Loyalty Systems Are Not Created Equal Experienced online gamblers know that most VIP programs are exactly the same; they start with small deposit bonuses and eventually lead towards cash-back rewards, concierge services, and a whole bunch of other perks. The problem is that many online casinos intentionally set their higher tiers so ridiculously high that it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars in wagers just to qualify…and that’s within a thirty day period.

Reputable online casinos like Win

Palace actually appreciate their VIP customers, which is why they try hard to go out of their way to show it daily. Their craps loyalty system is based on various tiers just the like other online casinos you’ve probably visited but they also make numerous exceptions whenever a high roller shows that he’s serious about his gambling habits.

3) A Few VIP Programs Break the Rules Often High rollers often get a raw deal inside most online casinos simply because they act a little bit too modest for their own good. Believe it or not, many online casinos do not even pay attention to individual bets or player accounts unless something goes wrong; they simply see the total bets wagered over the course of a day and how much of it ended up being profit. The same goes for player VIP’s and loyalty accounts; if you do not speak up then there’s a chance that you will never even be noticed.

Now that’s not to say that all online casinos work that way; Rushmore Online reviews player accounts frequently and extends exclusive offers to individuals that bet large amounts almost every single day. Sometimes it simply does not pay to wait on the bonuses and incentives to be given freely though, and the best way to ensure that you get what you deserve is to pick up the phone and talk to a customer service representative. Once they see your betting patterns at places like Rushmore Online, expect them to throw all kinds of incentives your way within the first two minutes of the conversation.