Playing Keno

Keno is quite similar in a lot of respects to the lottery. This popular game’s origins originate from the great country of China. Its exact origin is still clouded in mystery, however. It would seem as though there are ancient Chinese scrolls that allude to its origins in a game that is similar to that of keno was introduced sometime 200 BC. The Cheung Leun of the Han Dynasty is said to have started what is known as Keno today.

Apparently, this city had been at war with many other cities for a lot of years and was nearly depleted of its resources. The people of the city also started to refuse to contribute any more to the war effort, so the game of keno was created to earn revenue for the army. The game was actually a game of numbers which are similar to keno and was a runaway success. The game quickly spread across the entire China and in part helped with funding the building of the Great Wall.

This game was also referred to as the great game of the White Pigeon Game for its winning numbers which were sent by the carrier pigeons from smaller villages and larger cities. The United States first heard of Keno in the 1800s as it was brought over to the country by Chinese-American immigrants who started working on the railroads. A lot of people today play keno and remembers the game for its very popular but small wagers which can turn into large winnings.

Playing Keno

When you want to play Keno, you will choose between four and ten numbers choosing between the numbers one and eighty. Each of these numbers will be referred to as a spot. You will choose the umbers by marking a blank ticket with the special crayon of the Keno game. These tickets are placed at Keno tables and lounges’ tables around the entire country. Casinos will also generally start to feature a number of monitors which are located throughout the entire casino so as to keep the players informed about their various numbers. The 20 number balls are then drawn from the barrel of eighty balls and should there be enough of your numbers, then you will surely win!

The casino is generally in charge of providing information about the max and minimum wagers that will need to be played. Some of the wages can be as low as five cents while most of them are generally only $1. You can win at some casinos up to $50 000 with only a dollar bet.

The house’s advantage with this game is quite high at around thirty per cent. It is one of the worst bets you can possibly make in the casino. This game, much like other lotteries and slots still remain popular because of the potential high returns that a small wager can garner.

There are also many other progressive keno games in Las Vegas, however many of them feature a size limit on the jackpot before the game becomes a positive expectation to many.

Keno Strategy

How can you win at Keno? This game, much like other lotteries, is mostly a game of chance. There is in fact very little that you are able to do which can influence the game’s outcome. One of the things you can do is to manage your money. If you decide to play Keno, it will be a great idea to set aside your amount of winnings goal. Should you be able to reach the goal then cash out immediately. This is perhaps one of the best pieces of advice there is. In the long run the house will always win.