Understanding Let It Ride

While many players enjoy the thrills of online slot games, a number of players also love the action of table and card games. Online casinos replicate the games that are fond at land casinos, so players who have played a game in a casino setting will most likely be able to find that same game online. One popular card game that is played by players with any budget is Let It Ride. This is a poker based card game that offers some great chances to win. With standard payouts as well as a side bet, players can enjoy large rewards and can also control the amount they spend at the tables.

With Let It Ride, players will be playing a version of stud poker and the game has a house edge of 3.51%. When players choose this game, they will select a chip value and will then have to place chips in three spots on the table. These wagers must all be of the same value. .

Once this is done, players will be dealt 3 cards. If they have a pair in their hand or cards that could lead to a poker hand, they can keep the first bet in play. Players with weak hands can choose to pull the first bet back. After this choice is made, the dealer will reveal a card, which can be used on the player hand to create poker ranking hands.

Players will once again examine their cards and use this revealed card as well. They will then choose to keep the second wager in play or pull it back. Again, the dealer will reveal the final card. The third bet will always remain on the table and the dealer will flip over all player hands to determine winners. Since players are not playing against the dealer or others, this game is a great option for beginners or even fans of video poker.

Let It Ride also has a $1 side bet and this will offer a progressive payout for a Royal Flush as well as other special payouts for certain ranking hands. The side bet is a great way to boost winnings, though it does have a high house edge. This poker style game is very easy to learn and is a huge hit at many online casinos.